All jewelry is made to order by hand.  Prices available upon request.


Materia Medica

Inspired by Chinese herbalism that dates back thousands of years, Materia Medica evokes the healing properties of medicinal plants. Whether cast whole or deconstructed and reconstructed, the restorative principles of Chinese herbs can be worn on the body as healing talismans.




The Ancestor series is cast from the Chinese herb  ZHI ZI 栀子 JASMINE FRUIT.   Either casting the pod whole or deconstructing,  the rich textures remind me of the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-sabi - an appreciation of the imperfect and impermanent.

The mosaic work was inspired by a small piece of Roman road discovered underneath the soil at my friend Giulietta's farm in Tuscany.  Deconstructing the pods and hand cutting each tiny tile by hand to create these lilliputian roads was a meditative exercise.  I think of the paths our ancestors had to forge and collective history.



The Petal Series is cast from the Chinese herb BAI HE 百 合  LILY BULB.  Lily Bulb is used in Chinese formulas to nourish and moisten the lungs and calm the spirit.  These pieces are cast from recycled sterling silver which is patinaed and polished.