All jewelry is made to order by hand.  Prices available upon request.


Natura Morta

Traveling through urban and wild landscapes, we perceive the laws of nature that define the phenomena of transience and ephemerality. Natura Morta captures for a moment the microcosm of poignant beauty that resides in each stage of life—birth, growth, death, and decay.



Allium Series

Inspired by a slice of red onion, the Allium earrings are made of recycled sterling silver which is patinaed and given a satin brush finish. 

The earrings are available as a slice or deconstructed.  



There are over 200 different types of thistle.  A symbol of resilience, it's protective spikes form an armor against predators.

The thistle pendant is cast in recycled sterling silver, patinaed andpolished on the tips of the spikes.  It hangs from a 32 inch sterling silver ball chain. 

The thistle ring is cast in recycled sterling silver, patinaed and the tips are polished.  The ring shank has a satin polish finish.






   RAMULUS Series

The Ramulus series is born from a small budding branch that I gathered on a walk in Fort Tryon Park in upstate Manhattan.  The ring is recycled sterling silver which is patinaed, polished and set with garnets.
The cuffs are available in recycled sterling silver or bronze.  


VERBENA series

The verbena series is born from fallen twigs by the Cloisters.  They remind me of the philosophy of wabi-sabi - the beauty in imperfection.