Natura Morta

Materia medica


These jewelry collections express my aesthetic and philosophical views as an artist and Chinese medicine practitioner.

Materia Medica is inspired by the history of Chinese herbalism, which dates back thousands of years. Each piece in the line is cast directly from a medicinal plant and evokes the healing properties of the plants from which they are derived. Creating a relationship through intention and physical touch, the restorative principles of Chinese herbs can be worn on the body as a healing talisman.

Natura Morta followed with an emphasis on other plant forms. While walking through the woods, shopping outdoor greenmarkets, or cooking in my Washington Heights kitchen, I gather inspiration from the ever-changing shapes, colors, and textures of everyday still lifes. The laws of nature are transient and each stage along the way has its own inherent beauty. Natura Morta captures the microcosm of beauty that resides in stages of life: birth, growth, and decay.  

Architectura is the continuation of the design collaborations with my father. As a child, I sat by my father's side as he patiently transformed blocks of unassuming metal into objects of purpose and beauty. This intimate view of creativity gave me an appreciation for metallurgy—with its properties of malleability and corrosion—and for hand tools, machinery, and the mechanics of how things are constructed. 

When seen as a whole, these three collections represent a reconnection of the natural and the urban. From inception to completion, each piece is based on my own observation and philosophical principles, and is handcrafted in collaboration with skilled artisans in New York City.